Exclusive Opening Reception at “Orientations” for All-Access ticket holders.

Time and details to be announced.

Located at the entrance to historic Monterey, the G.T. Marsh Building, built in 1927 by George Turner Marsh, was fashioned after a Northern China Szechuan style compound. Established as an Asian antique store, the building is one of the last significant examples of this form of Chinese architecture.

In 2000 the property was sold to the Diocese of Monterey who held it until 2006. In near abandonment for years, the compound had its windows boarded up and its perimeter barricaded behind chain-linked fencing. The once prominent structure was headed for demolition.

In 2006 the failing building was purchased by San Francisco art dealer Jerry Janssen, owner of Orientations, an Asian art and antique store. The structure began to take on a new life through a massive two and a half years renovation. Relocating to Monterey and placing the building on the National Register of Historic Places, Orientations opened the doors in 2008.

Distinguished as an importer of fine Asian antiques, Orientations ships directly from the countries of origin to its gallery in Monterey. One-of-a-kind antiques and art objects from China, Japan, Korea and South East Asia are prominent throughout the spacious showrooms and are available for purchase in a setting like no other.



Art in the Adobes Coordinating Committee:

Kip Hudson
Director, Old Monterey Foundation

Teresa Del Piero
Chair: Monterey Museum of Art Collectors Guild

Nancy Selfridge
Monterey City Council

Susan Klusmire
Festival Director

Julianne Burton- Carvajal
Historian - Curator