Old Monterey Foundation

In 2010, members of the Old Monterey Business Association (OMBA) came together to establish the Old Monterey Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of encouraging and supporting the history and culture of historic Downtown Monterey.

Meanwhile they were assessing the unique strengths of the historic Downtown with a view to enhancing the area’s attractiveness and appeal to visitors and residents alike. Of course, at the top of everyone’s list were the charming adobes that are sprinkled throughout the Downtown area and for which Monterey is internationally famous. They were surprised - and delighted - to learn that the City of Monterey, together with CA State Parks and Monterey History & Art Association, possesses an extensive collection of masterpieces of California art, largely hidden away in storage for decades. In a classic ‘Ah-ha!’ moment, someone said “Let’s display these treasures in the adobes and invite the public to discover them!” 

And the Art in the Adobes Festival was born.

From September 13 - September 15, 2013 the Old Monterey Foundation will present Art in the Adobes Festival: Artists and Architecture.

Old Monterey Foundation Board of Directors

Todd Stornetta                      Kip Hudson

James Bryant                         Michelle Pearce

Mary Hill                                 Frank Sollecito

Virginia E. Howard, Esq.        Doug Wiele

John H. Gibbons, CPA           Jerry Welling

                      * * *

For more information contact,

Todd Stornetta, President
Old Monterey Foundation
(831) 402-8158


Art in the Adobes Coordinating Committee:

Kip Hudson
Director, Old Monterey Foundation

Teresa Del Piero
Chair: Monterey Museum of Art Collectors Guild

Nancy Selfridge
Monterey City Council

Susan Klusmire
Festival Director

Julianne Burton- Carvajal
Historian - Curator